Care Instructions

This product is manufactured from quality timber and displays the individual characteristics of the type of species that has been used, ie. knots, grain patterns and scars – these features are expected of natural timber.  Because of these features and the natural variation in the grain of the timber, product colours may vary.

Total Bedroom uses a heavy duty coating on our furniture, and to ensure your furniture is well maintained we recommend the following;

  • Sunlight – Keep furniture away from direct sunlight.  The light can discolour the lacquer and the heat created can dry out the timber and cause cracking.
  • Radiant Heat – Heat created from gas or electric heaters can dry out timber. Also heat from hot drink containers can effect the polish, leaving marks.
  • Air Conditioners – Care should be taken when using air conditioners as some significantly reduce the moisture content of the air and cause the timber to expand and contract, causing damage. Allow fresh air to circulate regularly.
  • Alcohol – Be careful of alcohol spills including perfume and aftershave lotions. Remove immediately with a damp cloth and apply a furniture polish.
  • Water – Water in contact with timber furniture can cause damage. It can be introduced from evaporation on a glass or a vase. Remove immediately and apply a furniture polish.
  • Care for your furniture – Timber furniture requires regular dusting, or wiping with a slightly damp cloth, but always with the grain.  A regular polish will deepen the lustre of the finish. Only use a polish or cleaner that does NOT contain silicon.
  • Upholstered Furniture – For marks on upholstery, use small amounts of warm soapy water to dob on the mark.


Our furniture has not been tested, or has failed stability testing, as specified in AS/NZS 4935.  Attachment of the furniture item to an appropriate structural component of the building using suitable means, as advised by a qualified tradesperson, is strongly recommended.

Freestanding chests of drawers/wardrobes and freestanding bookshelves/bookcases can become unstable and may topple if climbed upon and can especially dangerous to children.  Serious injury or death may result.  The degree of instability depends on many variables and the purchaser needs to be aware of potential instability problems and seek to minimise them.

It is undesirable to place objects of interest to children in view on this type of furniture item.  Children may be tempted to climb on furniture to retreive the objects of interest with the result being that the furniture item may tip and cause injury or death of the child.

Furniture items can tip under certain circumstances, especially when placed on carpet, uneven or sloping flooring, or when subject to extreme use.. Therfore care must be taken especially where small children can access any chest of drawers, bookcases or similar furniture items.