Timber Characteristics

Our products are manufactured from quality timber and display the individual characteristics of the type of species that have been used.

Wood is a natural material with variations of grain pattern, knots and colour in every piece. It is important that you do not mistake its unique properties as imperfections or flaws.  Instead the variations enhance the unique nature and individuality of each piece.  Because of these features and the natural variation in the grain of the timber, product colours may vary.

As timber matures its colour becomes deeper and richer due to the action of light and air on the wood. This process is often called “mellowing” and is one of the most attractive features of natural timber. Some pieces of timber will colour more than others to form a unique individual pattern, so no two pieces are ever identical.

New pieces of timber furniture may initially appear lighter in colour than older pieces. This difference will diminish as the new piece mellows.

Timber is porous just like your skin and it responds to dry air by losing moisture due to humidity and temperature change, all timber will display movement from season to season


Other natural characteristics that may be apparent are;

  • Mineral streaks: Greenish grey streaks caused by the oxidation of minerals.
  • Knots: Internal marks of branch growth.
  • Insect markings: Holes or healed scars evident in even the healthiest of trees.
  • Pine Knots: Small darks clusters where branches grow but fail to mature.



Colour Variation


Gum Veins present


Knots as shown


Sloping of grain